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Roundtable Discussion on Information Strategy for Belarus

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


The fifth round table discussion within the framework of joint UNDP-Belarusian government programme BYE/03/005 "ICT development framework " which took place in Minsk on the 21th of December this year was devoted to the issues information society development strategy for Belarus.

Members of Belarusian parliament, governmental officials, representatives of educational institutions and businesses and other stakeholders participated in the discussion.

Participants of the discussion agreed that information society strategy for Belarus should be developed on the basis of a comprehensive approach. Information and communication technologies offer the potential for enhancement of efficiency of governmental institutions and for increase of competitiveness of national economy. It was stressed that Belarusian Parliament should play more active role in the development of ICT strategy. In this respect some of the participants suggested that creation of an ICT working group within one of the Parliamentarian committees could become a first step in this direction. It was noted as well that the implementation of the strategy requires an appropriate legislative basis which is to be developed by Parliamentarians and governmental experts in the partnership with other stakeholders.

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