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Public and private sectors discuss e-strategy for Belarus

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


"Informatization and information society in Belarus" - the first of the series of round table discussions organized by UNDP in Belarus and by the House of Representatives (lower chamber of Belarusian Parliament) - took place in Minsk on the 21st of January 2004.

Government was represented by Vice-minister of Information Mr. I.Rak, Dr. M. Mahaniok (director of The Research-Engineering Center of Informational Technologies), Mr. V. Tsepkalo (assistant secretary of the President) and others. Parlamentarians, Mr.A.Nareiko, Mr. V.Khrol among others, actively participated in the discussion. Representatives of business circles - Business Network chief executive officer S. Poblaguev and TUT.BY. chief of the board of directors Y. Zisser - used an opportunity to expres their attitude to state e-programmes and ICT development planning.

Foreign experts Tatiana Ershova (Director General of the Institute of the Information Society, Russia) and Gintautas Babravicius (member of Lithuanian Parliament and Deputy Chairman, Committee of the Development of Information Society) shared their countrie's experince

The participants agreed that ICT market developments, e-readiness assessment, governmental initiatives in the spheres of ICT legislation and e-governance prove that civil servants, politicians, parliamentarians, private sector representatives and wider public are aware of the necessity to work out comprehensive and sustainable e- strategy for Belarus.

It was stated by the participants that the core issues to be addressed in these respect are

  • Access and accessibility improving;

  • ICT innovations encouraging;

  • stimulating of public interest;

  • formulating of information society vision for Belarus and understanding the place and role of the country in the global information society;

  • finding out critical points of ICT impact on economy and social life and of defining major barriers impeding ICT development in Belarus.

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