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Internet Filtering in Belarus

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


On March 19, practically all independent online news resources (svaboda.org, charter97.org, belapan.com, ucpb.org, www.naviny.by, kozylin.com, www.zubr-belarus.com) underwent various kinds of attacks.

Earlier, from March 18, 23.50 till March 19, 1.50, forums at TUT.BY, a major Belarusian portal with about 60 000 daily visitors, were unavailable. This fact is explained by technical problems with a server belonging to ISP "Aichyna" which hosts some TUT.BY resources. Website of Nasha Niva" newspaper had not responded to requests since Marc 18)

On March 19, Milinkievich's official website was cracked. Website administrators have lost control of the server, they express concerns about possible disinformation paced at the website.

According to Charter97 press-center websites savboda.org, kozylin.com, naviny.by, charter97 were permanently attacked. Authorities not only used their usual techniques IP address blocking, massive DoS attacks, but Internet filtering as well. As the result, a number of websites were unavailable from Belarus.

Website of the United Civil Party (ucpb.org) was available only through a mirror.

By the morning of March 20, access to the most of the websites have been restored. Milinkevich's website is still unavailable.

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