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Belarus' HighTechPark export up by 25% to exceed $2.3bn in January-September


According to BelTA in January-September of 2021 the export of services by the High-Tech Park resident companies surged by 25% and exceeded $2.3 billion.

"In Q3 2021, the export of services by the HTP resident companies amounted to about $764 million, up by $160 million year-on-year. Thus, in January-September the HTP export already exceeded $2.3 billion, up by 25% year-on-year. Today, this figure accounts for a third of Belarus' total export of services. In 2020, the HTP reported $2.7 billion in export," the report said.

According to the HTP, major markets were the USA, Cyprus, Great Britain, Ireland and Russia.

"The High-Tech Park remains among major tax payers to the budget in Belarus. In January-September of 2021, resident companies paid Br539.8 million in taxes, an increase of 83.5%. A total of 8,960 jobs were created in the HTP in 2021. Today, the HTP resident companies employ more than 76,000 people," the HTP said.

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