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Belarusian IT company develops COVID-19 situation analysis system for Healthcare Ministry


According to BelTA the Belarusian software development company EPAM has developed an automated system for monitoring and analyzing the COVID-19 epidemic situation. The software was handed over to the Healthcare Ministry.

The healthcare minister said that the system had been developed within the framework of joint social projects for use in hospitals, clinics, labs, hygiene and epidemiology centers, and other organizations, which are interested in sanitary and epidemic monitoring. Requests of Healthcare Ministry specialists were taken into account.

The software will enable faster, fuller, and more transparent sharing of data submitted by healthcare organizations. The automated process will reduce the amount of paperwork and will improve procedures relating to the processing of incoming data in Belarusian organizations.

The system is operating in test mode now. Personnel are learning how to use it meanwhile. The system is supposed to be used to analyze data that has accumulated since February 2020. The system will also be used in the course of preparations for the possible second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The data the monitoring and analysis will produce will be stored securely in the national data processing center.

Vladimir Karanik said: We are grateful to EPAM Company, which did not only respond to our request but developed an automated system for monitoring and analyzing epidemic situation on a tight schedule. Universality is the system's greatest value: we intend to use the software not only for analyzing COVID-19 but all infections of social importance. We hope it will become part and parcel of our digital healthcare system.

EPAM has been implementing social projects in the sphere of healthcare in Belarus since 2010. Pavel Liber, Director of the Software Engineering Department at EPAM, noted: All this time we've been working with representatives of healthcare institutions and understand how important it is for specialists to promptly collect and analyze data in order to make decisions. By leveraging our best practices in the area of digital transformation and practical automation of the Belarusian healthcare industry, we've developed a universal solution that can help specialists in any epidemiological crisis.

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