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MTS Belarus 4G rollout generates sharp rise in data traffic


According to TeleGeography since the start of this year, MTS Belarus says it has deployed 235 new 4G base transceiver stations (BTS), operating at 1800MHz and 2600MHz, in 60 areas across the Republic, while also extending its 2600MHz coverage to more than 20 settlements, including: Fanipole, Bolshevik, Volovshchina, Zabolotye, Korolev Stan, Priluki, Samokhvalovichi, Semkovo, Tabor, Tsnyanka, Kamenetz, Lyakhovichi, Barani, Buda Koshelevo, Mstislavle and others. Further, the mobile operator which works with Belarus common infrastructure provider Belarusian Cloud Technologies (beCloud) to provide 4G services says that 101 BTS in 26 cities across Belarus have been modernised to include 2600MHz capability since January, while 77 new 1800MHz BTS have also been activated in the network.

The recent upgrades, it notes, have helped drive a near two-fold increase in data traffic on the network which now exceeds 170 petabytes, with consumption continuing to grow at a rate of about one petabyte per day. MTS Belarus pointed out that its 4G LTE base station in Kobrin generated the most traffic 258TB closely followed by Polotsk (250TB) and Brest (247TB).

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