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Belarus' Hi-Tech Park welcomes over 80 new resident companies


According to BelTA as many as 82 companies have been registered as resident companies of the Hi-Tech Park. They are the first companies to be allowed to become residents of Belarus' Hi-Tech Park in 2020.

The new companies specialize in healthcare, consulting, gaming, financial technologies, and online trade. As many as 20 companies intend to make their own products. Most of the new residents were established in 2019-2020.

4A4 Company established by the blogger Vlad Bumaga is one of the new residents. The company will focus on developing software to analyze the state and dynamics of viewer interests on video hosting platforms.

AIBION Technologies is a company that analyzes digital copies of human tissue samples using computer vision and machine learning technologies in order to help make disease diagnostics decisions.

OOO S-Terra Bel will take care of developing new software and hardware solutions for cryptographic protection of data.

In addition to Belarusian companies the new residents also include companies from the UK, Italy, Germany, Russia, Serbia, USA, and Switzerland, including eight development centers of foreign corporations.

Dinamica Generale (Italy) with its Belarusian daughter enterprise OOO Dinamica Digital will take care of software solutions for controlling precision farming operations. OOO Zenia AI (USA) intends to offer mobile apps with a motion tracking technology to fans of doing fitness and yoga at home. OOO Saber BGS will develop mobile gaming apps for the parent company Saber Interactive (USA). OOO Scheduler (USA) intends to develop a multifunctional system for automating work with clients.

OOO FeelQueen (UK) intends to develop software and run the online service FeelQueen Ц a multipurpose trade platform for beauty industry. OOO Hansecom BY (Germany) works on high-tech solutions for transport and a ticket-selling app. Another software development center from Germany Ц OOO Steinpilz Bel Ц will focus on developing various kinds of software for manufacturing sector, social security, education, and other spheres. UP Organization and Technology Solutions (Russia) works on business process management and optimization.

As many as 15 companies have been stripped of their resident status by the relevant decision of the Supervisory Board of the Hi-Tech Park.

At present the Hi-Tech Park is home to 818 companies that employ over 61,000 people.

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