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Share of female workers in IT over 40% in Belarus


According to BelTA women outnumber men in the paid workforce in Belarus a bit. Women are also actively exploring such industries as IT and ICT, Belarus' Labor and Social Security Minister Irina Kostevich said in an interview with the ONT channel.

“When we look at the economy as a whole, we see two major areas: merchandise and services. All over the world women mostly work in services. There are certain sectors where the share of women is over 80%, but we understand that these boundaries are becoming less obvious. Such new interesting industries as ICT, IT have been growing rapidly. The share of women in these industries is over 40%. It is something that we have not seen before,” Irina Kostevich said.

According to Irina Kostevich, overall unemployment rate, calculated using the methods of the International Labor Organization, is 4.2%. The rate of female unemployment is 3.1%, that among men is 5.2%. When looking for a job, women make decisions quicker as they are more financially responsible, Irina Kostevich added.

“Unemployment was mostly female seven years ago, now the situation has changed,” Irina Kostevich noted. “According to the statistics, there were 213,000 unemployed in 2019 who were looking for a job. Women accounted for 38%.”

Irina Kostevich also talked about the professions banned to women which may become available for women soon due to the reduction of pressure and risks for the reproductive health. For example, a truck driver and a logging mechanic. “There is such a term as positive discrimination. And when we are talking about the professions banned to women, I think, it is a positive discrimination,” Irina Kostevich said. “We understand that the technologies, manufacturing and personal protective equipment are getting better. Some professions are becoming automated.”

The last time Belarus reviewed the list of hard work and professions with harmful and hazardous working conditions was in 2014. The list was shortened from 252 to 182 professions then.

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