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Belarus in Top 5 cheapest countries for broadband


According to BelTA research analysts and broadband price comparison experts at cable.co.uk posted their research on the cost of fixed-line broadband in 206 countries. Belarus ranks fifth in this survey.

Syria offers the cheapest internet with the speed of up to 0.9Mbps at an average price of $6.6 per month. It is followed by Ukraine (7.7 Mbps; $6.64), Russia (14.9Mbps; $7.35), Romania (21.8Mbps; $8.15). Belarus landed fifth (13.2Mbps; $9.87).

The most expensive internet is in Eritrea ($2,666.24) and Yemen ($2,466.67).

According to cable.co.uk, in 2019 the world's average broadband speeds rose 20.65% and the price dropped 19.975% year-on-year.

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