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Belarus to launch population census website on 4 October


According to BelTA a special website dedicated to the 2019 population census will go online on 4 October.

On this website people can answer the census online, Chairwoman of the National Statistics Committee of Belarus Inna Medvedeva told the media on 22 August, BelTA has learned. The promotion version of www.census.by will be launched tomorrow. The website contains information about the previous censuses and a countdown timer to the forthcoming census. The full-fledged version of the website will be launched at midnight on 4 October. Its main goal is to give people an opportunity to respond online, Inna Medvedeva said. Online census became possible due to the Interbank Identification System. Its advantages include a broad coverage of potential users (about 70% of the population) and a user-friendly and fast registration procedure. Individuals who got registered in the system before, just need to input their identification number and a phone number to log in. They will receive a unique code and can get down to filling out a questionnaire, Inna Medvedeva said. The Interbank Identification System was chosen because it contains reliable data verified by state-run organizations. After getting registered a person will get a pre-filled form that already contains a person's name and last name, identification number, date and place of birth. The remaining entries contain questions about a person's education, place of residence, number of family members, etc. The use of the Interbank Identification System will make the process a lot easier. A user can log in from any device that has access to the Internet. This software product is very easy to navigate. Population census will be held in Belarus on 4-30 October 2019. The previous one took place ten years ago. A novel feature of the forthcoming census will be a possibility to respond online. People can fill out a questionnaire at census stations. Data will also be collected during face-to-face interviews at people's homes. The census stations will be open on 4-30 October. Individuals will be able to answer the census online on 4-18 October. Data crosschecking will continue through 21 October. After that census takers will visit those individuals who did not respond online at their homes. Those who filled out a questionnaire online will receive a certificate after completing the online survey. This certificate can be printed out and presented to a census taker in case if he/she shows up at a person's home Inna Medvedeva informed. She emphasized that extraordinary measures were taken to protect personal data.

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