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Plans for new media measurement system in Belarus


According to BelTA a proposal to develop a new media measurement system will be submitted for consideration to Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko in the coming days, Spokeswoman for the Belarusian president Natalya Eismont told the media as the head of state hosted a government meeting to discuss Belarus' information security on 31 January.

The development of the new media measurement system in the country was discussed alongside with information security matters. This is an essential element of our information policy. The financial status of media outlets directly depends on how well this system functions, the spokeswoman said. Natalya Eismont said that the participants of the meeting reported on various options how the process could be organized: from inviting an internationally recognized research firm to setting up a domestic state mediametric company. Having heard all the suggestions, the head of state noted that the system should work in the interest of the country and instructed to submit a concrete proposal, following further discussion, shortly. The document is to be introduced in the coming days, Natalya Eismont said.

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