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Belarus earns Br6.7m from "Google tax" in H1 2018


According to BelTA the state budget received Br6.7 million from the so-called Google tax in H1 2018, the press service of the Belarusian Tax and Duties Ministry told BelTA.

As many as 48 foreign companies have been registered with the Belarusian tax service to pay the Google tax. The number includes Google, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Linkedin, Booking, Uber, Wargaming, Viber, and Microsoft. BelTA reported earlier that as of 1 January 2018 foreign companies, which provide digital services to natural persons in Belarus, are supposed to pay VAT as large as 20%. In Q1 2018 foreign companies providing digital services to natural persons in Belarus paid Br3.1 million as VAT. While previously evaluating the effectiveness of the taxation novelties from the point of view of the state budget, the Tax and Duties Ministry said the results had exceeded the costs.

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