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Kalinin: Belarus invests about Br600m in IT annually


According to BelTA Belarus invests about Br600 million in the development of information technology annually, Belarus' Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Kalinin told reporters after the opening ceremony of the TIBO 2018 expo.

A lot has been done to develop the IT country. The state program for the development of electronic technology and information society for 2016-2020 is currently in force. Decree No. 8 has created unprecedented conditions for the development of IT industry in our country. Every year we invest around Br600 million in creating the conditions, development of telecommunications, technology update, the vice premier noted. Anatoly Kalinin said that Belarus is developing partnerships and relations with Asian countries, particularly China, Eastern Partnership countries. Of course, this is only the beginning. We have created the infrastructure, the system. The experience of our young and creative citizens, their achievements will contribute to the further development of technologies, he stressed. The vice premier also commented on the theme of e-government. Some steps have already been taken," he said. For example, about 70% of the documents are sent to the government and are processed in the electronic mode. We are working on the ID card. It will be ready by the end of the year. Work is underway on the paperless trade systems. Thus, a number of innovative technologies that operate globally get integrated into our economy. All branches of our economy, from education to trade, have been infused with IT. Business is going digital too, he said. The TIBO 2018 expo opened in Minsk on 15 May. It has brought together more than 100 companies from 15 countries (Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, United States, and Japan). TIBO's central exposition will be IT Country Belarus featuring innovative developments in the field of information technologies of government bodies and Belarusian IT companies, resident companies of the Hi-Tech Park, and their possible applications in healthcare, education, public security, transport, and agriculture. TIBO also showcases the national pavilions of Kazakhstan (the partner country of the forum this year) and Azerbaijan and also the collective stands of the State Science and Technology Committee, the Minsk City Hall, the State Military Industry Committee. This year's expo displays the latest achievements in robotics, new mobile services and applications, IT for the urban sector and utilities services, geo-information and navigation technologies. The focus is on startup advancement and popularization of IT among the youth.

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