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Belarus' e-commerce sales may reach $1.5bn a year


According to BelTA the size of the Belarusian e-commerce market may grow to $1.5 billion a year, Maksim Marinich, head of Deal.by e-commerce platform, noted at the annual conference E-Commerce Day.

We are just starting out. We understand that the local e-commerce market may grow two or three times to reach from $1 billion to $1.5 billion. This might be interesting for investors and new businesses, Maksim Marinich remarked. He clarified that today the e-commerce market accounts for just 2.8% of all retail sales in Belarus. In his words, over 4 million have at least once bought something online. They have mainly made purchases via Belarusian online stores (3.8 million). As many as 2.9 million users bought something via Chinese online stores. Foreign platforms are popular due to lower prices and a wider range of products. Belarusians mostly buy appliances, devices, clothes, and food. Online stores are more popular among men. The average check among men is Br70 (versus women's Br50). Every second online purchase is paid for with cash, 27% of purchases are cashless. The free delivery option is used by 41% Belarusians, 23% prefer expedited delivery. However, more and more Belarusian users are ready to pay for the delivery of oversized cargo.

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