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beCloud to double 4G BTS in 2018


According to TeleGeography Belarusian Cloud Technologies (beCloud), the firm tasked with deploying Belarus’ national 4G infrastructure, says it will almost double the total number of 4G LTE base stations in service next year.

According to the company’s CEO Sergei Poblaguev: ‘there are already more than 840 fourth-generation base stations in Belarus, including dual-band 1800MHz/2600MHz. Next year, we plan to increase the number of stations by almost half – up to 1,500.’ Furthermore, Poblaguev says that by the end of this year, beCloud will have launched another 50 base stations in the capital Minsk and in other regional centres, while progressing plans to deploy coverage along the nation’s highways – specifically the Minsk-National Airport route. In addition, the company is working to develop VoLTE and to develop, test and introduce LTE at 800MHz next year. ‘The third frequency can be used to cover routes, remote settlements and unload the existing network. I think that in early 2018 the pilot zone will be deployed, because there are a number of restrictions that need to be worked out in practice. The procedure for creating such a test zone has already been determined,’ he said.

Today, beCloud’s nationwide LTE network covers 68.5% of the population. In the fourth quarter, 52 new settlements were added to the network.

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