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Belarusian IT ministry concerned about cyberattacks targeting commercial entities


According to BelTA cyberattacks targeting commercial entities and banks represent a dangerous trend.

Belarusian Communications and Informatization Minister Sergei Popkov made the statement during the session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Central European Initiative in Minsk on 28 November, BelTA has learned. We see that cyberattacks primarily target commercial entities and banks in order to steal funds. It is a very dangerous trend, noted the official. Cyberattacks staged during all kinds of political campaigns are another dangerous trend, which cannot be ruled out all over the world considering the modern level of development of information and communication technologies, noted Sergei Popkov. But I'd like to say that thanks to efforts of the Communications and Informatization Ministry and various agencies in charge of overseeing information security in Belarus all the measures are taken to rule out external influence during such political events, noted the official. Representatives of 13 countries have come to Minsk to take part in the CEI Parliamentary Assembly session. Participants of the session are supposed to discuss digital technologies in terms of ensuring geopolitical security. The development of digital economy is discussed taking into account information security, digital banking technologies, the adoption of organizational measures and other ones to support the development of IT products, unmanned driving, artificial intelligence, and biotechnologies. Belarus assumed CEI presidency for the first time in 2017. The Central European Initiative unites 18 countries. The main task of the Central European Initiative is to promote flexible and pragmatic European regional cooperation in order to prevent the emergence of new dividing lines in Europe.

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