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Belarus hailed as one of EaP leaders in digitization of economy


According to BelTA Belarus is one of the leaders in the digitization of economy in the Eastern Partnership program, Dirk Schuebel, the head of the division for bilateral relations with the Eastern Partnership countries in the European External Action Service, said at the Minsk Forum.

“Belarus is one of the leading countries, one of the driving forces in the development of this area. It is obvious that Belarus sees the pressing needs of the time and is ready to reform its economy on the basis of digital technologies,” Dirk Schuebel said. He noted that the country - the EU neighbor may choose from the set of proposals offered in the Eastern Partnership program. “This is something we are working on now,” Dirk Schuebel said. With regard to digital technologies, Dirk Schuebel believes that both sides want to modernize their economies through digitization, and this area is promoted as one of the main areas of cooperation in the Eastern Partnership program,” he said. “Belarus does well in e-commerce. This is the sector where small and medium-sized enterprises feel well. Here, Belarus demonstrates better results than most of our partner countries. Belarus also needs to take more efforts in the introduction of digital technologies in customs services, and in the regulation of the telecommunications industry,” the EU representative said. The draft decree on Belarus economy digitalization will be signed in the near future, Belarus' First Deputy Prime Minister Vasily Matyushevsky said earlier. “The president does not want half measures. He would like a global agenda on economic digitalization,” he said. It is expected that the digitization of the Belarusian economy will add 1% to the country's GDP annually.

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