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5G in Belarus right after international standardization


According to BelTA the 5G wireless communication technology will be introduced in Belarus right after its international standardization

According to the source, the technology will be made available in Belarus as soon as it is standardized by the International Telecommunication Union. The standard is supposed to be released in 2019. The equipment the Belarusian telecommunication infrastructure operator beCloud and the mobile carriers MTS and BeST install these days will be able to pick up and run the 5G technology once it is commercially available. There are also plans to fully implement HD television. Prior to the Second European Games we should enable quality picture for the citizens to be able to watch the content our television and radio stations produce, noted the Communications and Informatization Minister. The frequencies released by the phased-out analog technology will be further explored. The frequencies will be made available to those willing to develop FM radio broadcasting at the municipal level and the national level. Sergei Popkov said that in H1 2017 the total number of landline broadband Internet access users and subscribers in Belarus reached 3.1 million.

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