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Belarus president calls for restrictions on destructive information online


According to BelTA tough restrictions on destructive information in the Internet are needed, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said during the Nationwide Conference on Teaching on 24 August.

According to the head of state, the corresponding legal acts are in the pipeline. The matter of shielding children from negative and dangerous information in the Internet was raised by one of the participants of the Nationwide Conference on Teaching. We need to pay attention to it. Law enforcement agencies and other bodies should do it. We are now preparing a number of corresponding legal acts. We do not plan to shut down some Internet sites or the websites and resources of the fifth column. Let them write what they want. People will sort everything out, the president stressed. But we do not need destructive information about suicides and stuff like that Russia has already made a number of decisions. Maybe they have done it too late. We should not waste time. Tough decisions are needed in this regard. Americans used to reproach everybody for censuring the Internet. Today Donald Trump arrived at the same decision. He understands that some controls are needed. We need to make decisions as soon as possible or we will be late, the Belarusian leader remarked.

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