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Belteleradiocompany has ambitious plans for the coming year


According to TVR Belteleradiocompany has ambitious plans for the coming year. Three large-scale projects will premiere in the first half of 2017 on the TV channel Belarus 1. In accordance with audience expectations, Belarus 2, Belarus 5 and Belarus 24 will be updated in view of the most creative TV trends. New own-produced projects will be aired by Belarus 3.

The TV channel Belarus 1 continues presenting itself as Belarus’ main information channel. Its main task is to provide accurate, timely and objective information about the main events of the political, socio-economic and cultural life of the country and the world. The range of TV News Agency’s top projects, such as Main Air, Editors’ Club, In Close-Up and Forum, will be complemented by a new Saturday information and entertainment project.

Alongside the company’s brand projects, such as Adult and Junior Eurovision, the open public contest Triumph. Sports Heroes, the International Arts Festival Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk, the February TV schedule will feature a large-scale quiz I Know.

The new motto of Belarus 1 in the new TV season is Belarus 1 is Great!

The best programmes produced by Belteleradiocompany will be available to viewers from other countries through the channel Belarus 24. Its signal is provided by three satellites, enabling cable providers on three continents to actively include the international television channel in their packages. A particular emphasis in 2017 will be placed on attracting new viewers and expanding the Internet audience.

Belarus 24: We Bring Belarus Closer!

Belarus 2 promises to become the best family entertainment channel promoting family values to young people. It will feature educational programmes, popular movies and top-rated reality shows, for example, the second season of the acclaimed project Ponayehali!, which will be released in the first quarter of 2017.

Belarus 2: The Perfect Match!

The creative team of the socio-cultural channel Belarus 3, which includes experts in various art spheres, promises to keep viewers updated on cultural events taking place in the country and the world.

Belarus 3: The TV Channel of True Values

The TV channel Belarus 5 will release the long-awaited reality TV project Knockout Round and a sports talk show. Sports fans will continue enjoying exclusive broadcasts of competitions in which Belarusian athletes defend the country’s honour on the international arena.

Belarus 5: All Facets of Sport!

To implement the new ambitious plans, Belteleradiocompany has made a number of unprecedented new appointments.

Gleb Shulman, who has previously successfully headed the TV channel Belarus 1, has been appointed Producer General of Belteleradiocompany’s general production centre.

Olga Shlyager, the best producer of the company’s top projects, has been appointed his Deputy.

The TV channel Belarus 1 will be headed by Elena Ladutko, who has previously headed the TV channel Belarus 24, prior to that being one of the top TV News Agency managers.

Alexander Martynenko, who used to head TV News Agency and serve as Belteleradiocompany’s Deputy Chairman, has been appointed Director of the Belarus 24 channel.

Elena Obraztsova, who has previously served as Belarus 1 Executive Producer, has been appointed Director of the Belarus 2 channel.

Natalia Marinova, who has previously headed the Belarus 2 channel, has been appointed Head of the Belarus 3 channel.

We believe that the new appointments and new projects will help to fully implement the ambitious plans on expanding TV audience and securing Belteleradiocompany’s foothold in the country’s media market.

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