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Belarus up on global Internet access charts


According to BelTA Belarus has improved its positions on the global Internet access ranking Ookla Netindex, BelTA learned from representatives of the Belarusian telecommunication company Beltelecom.

According to the source, Ookla Netindex is an internationally recognized leader in testing broadband access to the Internet and in offering web applications for network diagnostics.

Beltelecom representatives noted that Internet access in Belarus has become more affordable and accessible. For instance, in comparison with the previous year Belarus’ broadband value index improved by 26 positions to reach the 33rd position ($3.61 per 1Mbps). Belarus is ahead of countries like Switzerland ($3.76 per 1Mbps), Norway ($3.89 per 1Mbps), Greece ($3.96 per 1Mbps), Turkey ($4.39 per 1Mbps), Italy ($5.98 per 1Mbps), Spain ($6.31 per 1Mbps), France ($6.69 per 1Mbps), Australia ($8.29 per 1Mbps), and Philippines ($21 per 1Mbps).

At present the average download speed in Belarus is 13.75Mbps while the upload speed averages at 10.65Mbps. In 2013 the figures were 7.45Mbps and 5.7Mbps respectively.

Belarus’ broadband quality index of 85.08% has placed the country in the world’s top 20. Belarus is ahead of Czechia (14th position), Finland (15th), Canada (16th), Germany (17th), and Spain (20th).

Belarus’ mobile download index has dropped a bit in comparison with the previous year, however, the mobile upload index has increased considerably. In terms of mobile download index Belarus occupies the 65th position (63rd in 2013). In terms of mobile upload index Belarus occupies the 59th position (63rd in 2013). The decrease in the mobile download index is attributed to the low pace of growth of the average Internet access speed that some mobile companies offer.

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