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Belarus reports 15-fold expansion in its international internet gateway since 2010


According to TeleGeography Belarusian state-owned PTO Beltelecom says that between January 2010 and January 2014, the country expanded the capacity of its international internet gateways from 40Gbps to 600Gbps, including the countrys external gateway, NCET.

The 15-fold expansion has been achieved through sequential expansions: in October last year Beltelecom reported it had upped capacity by 40Gbps to a total of 450Gbps, at the time marking an 80% boost in capacity when compared to the same time a year earlier. It previously boosted the external internet gateway to 390Gbps, from 350Gbps in September 2013, having boosted bandwidth by 60Gbps in late December 2012.

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