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MTS Belarus extends Ethernet coverage in Minsk and other regional centres


According to TeleGeography MTS Belarus has announced it is upgrading base stations in all Minsk Metro rail stations with 3G, and also to reduce extraneous noise by deploying high definition (HD) Voice technology on the network. Work is underway on the Avtozavodskaya metro line, and upgrades are already in place at the Nemiga, Kupalovskaya and Pervomayskaya metro stations, with the overall project scheduled to be completed by end-August.

MTS head of commercial services, Eugene Bryantsev, said: Mobile internet is now so in demand that subscribers are not willing to give them up even in the subway. Therefore, we are accelerating the rollout of mobile internet services and including HD Voice technology, which is the optimal solution for improving the quality of conversations in noisy environments. It is worth noting that a year ago, the situation was totally different: the internet in the subway was used mainly at terminal stations, where the waiting time is usually longer than the transit stops. But over the past year the number of Belarusians owning smartphones has increased markedly, resulting in a sharp increase in demand for mobile internet, including on the subway.

Last month, MTS Belarus announced it is upgrading more than 1,000 2G/GSM base transceiver stations (BTS) in the capital this year, with the works scheduled to take place overnight to reduce disruption. The cellco said at the time that a total of 245 BTS had already been updated with the latest controllers, hardware and software. MTS Belarus has also completed a widespread 2G upgrade programme covering the entire Mogilev region and the city of Grodno. The operators GSM network, which carries around 75% of all voice traffic in the capital, is also being upgraded to support HD voice services.

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