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Beltelecom to hike broadband internet prices from 23 June


According to TeleGeography Belarusian state-owned national operator Beltelecom has announced it is raising prices of a number of its residential broadband tariff plans, effective 23 June.

The price hike affects its sub-2Mbps ‘Homebody’, ‘Comfort Inns’, ‘Comfort-light’, ‘Comfort-standard’, ‘Plus’, ‘Plus-1’, ‘Plus-2’, as well its ‘Economy’, ‘Optimum’ and ‘Rational’ packages, with prices rising by between 7.5% and 33.3% depending on the plan. However, Beltelecom says that monthly prices for its >2Mbps broadband packages (starting with ‘Homebody Classic’) remain unchanged. In a statement the telco said: ‘Increasing the cost of individual tariff plans [is the result of] the need to cover the costs and expenses of operating a data network and communications infrastructure, as well as the continuous development of telecommunications technology and network upgrades, purchase of modern high-tech equipment to provide high speed access to the internet and the development of new technical solutions and services for customers’.

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