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Belarusian Internet domain zone growth fastest in Europe


According to BelTA the Internet domain zone of Belarus grows fastest in Europe.

At present there are 102,000 registered domain names in Belarus. According to the non-commercial organization CENTR, which studies ways of development of national domain zones (primarily European ones), in November 2013 February 2014 the BY zone grew by 5.7%, showing the fastest growth among European domain zones. The Belarusian domain zone went ahead of the Portuguese domain zone, the Icelandic one, the Montenegrin one, and the Czech one.

Hoster.by director Sergei Povalishev said that the domain zone BY is at the peak of its growth in anticipation of the 20th anniversary of the zone's establishment. Over 55% of all the domain names in the Belarusian domain zone were registered in the last two years. Since early 2014 the number of monthly registrations has been at a record high 3,500 domain names. Moreover, plans have been made to introduce the Cyrillic domain zone by the end of the year to give another impetus to the development of the Belarusian part of the Internet.

Hoster.by representatives also said that the domain zone BY has earned a total of over Br1.4 billion for children's homes via charity auctions.

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