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New rules of rendering electrical communications services to take effect soon


According to TVR the amendments were discussed by all mobile players at the current market and regulating authorities from the ministries of communication and trade.

The coverage of the territory is 100% and mobile networks have 11 million subscribers. At the moment many people have complaints related to the quality of communications services. The level of cell communications development in Belarus is higher than the average global level.

Dmitry Shedko, deputy Belarusian Minister of Information: "We have introduced tough time limits on switching new services so that people did not wait for weeks".

Andrei Nareiko, the Chair of the Association of Information and Communication Technologies: "The consumer has the right of choosing more profitable tariffs and better quality of service".

Yet, there are some barriers of the development of mobile communications in Belarus. 4G system is not ready for exploitation and the area of internet coverage is insufficient.

Tamara Bandylko, deputy director general of a mobile operator on sales and subscriber service: "There are many small cafes in Minsk that are located in the basements of the buildings. Mobile communication is not working well there. We suggest allowing the use of small base stations, which can expand the area of coverage".

The inflow of foreign guests during the world hockey championship is going to add thousands of mobile communication subscribers.

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