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More Belarusian banking services go online


According to BelTA more and more banking services in Belarus go online. It is quite possible that all the banking services will be available online in the near future, BelTA learned from Andrei Zhishkevich, Chairman of the Board of the Belarusian bank MTBank.

The expert noted that Belarusian banks eagerly offer effective instruments to enable customers to manage their finances through the Internet. The instruments allow them to plan their expenses, save money, analyze, put operations into categories, create templates for operations, and many other things. With Internet services for home accounting on the rise, Internet banking users now pay more attention to optimizing their expenses and the ability to control their payments. Such options will be mandatory for every Internet banking service and will definitely be always in demand, believes Andrei Zhishkevich.

In the 21st century the entire branch of the economy the global banking system is moving from the tangible world into the virtual one, noted the expert. Belarus is no exception. Information technologies in the banking industry are part and parcel of modern business these days. On the one hand, they allow maximizing the performance of companies and raising their competitive ability. On the other hand, they change the way of doing business, allow offering brand new services that put pressure on conventional businesses.

By the way, MTBank was the first Belarusian bank that had launched a full-value Internet banking service for individuals. The banks online banking service is the virtual representation of a bank outlet. In the near future the bank is going to allow customers to sign contracts, get loans and repay loans, get the relevant consultations from specialists, control their payments and savings without having to come to a bank outlet in person. IT solutions make the access of clients to banking products easier. One can assume that banking services will be fully virtualized in the near future, said the Chairman of the Board of MTBank.

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