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Number of e-shops soars in Belarus


According to TVR Belarus every month the Ministry of Trade registers more than 170 portals. Development of electronic commerce has been discussed at the first branch conference recently.

The first book e-shop opened in the USA in 1992. The goods were in buoyant demand. First, it has no expiration date and, secondly, it is easily transported.

In Belarus electronic commerce started in early 2000s.

(Evgeniya Chernyavskaya, organizer of the first branch conference for e-shops)

The topic of discussion at the conference was civilized Internet trade. All participants of the market should be in equal terms. After all the commodity turnover also grows when shops are registered on the Internet.

(Sergey Vaynilovich, founder and founder of an e-commerce shop)

The total volume of transactions made through all e-shops in the world in 2004 was less than one million dollars. In 2005 it amounted to tens of millions. In 2010 goods amounting to hundreds of billions dollars were sold through the Internet.

At the beginning of 2012 the share of electronic commerce in Belarus was 0.7%, but already by the end of the year this figure turned into 1%. According to representatives of the Ministry of Trade, every month they register about 170 e-shops.

(Irina Narkevich, Deputy Trade Minister of Belarus)

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