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MTS starts lessons of internet-literacy for Belarusian school students

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


MTS has started an education project “Children in the Internet”, and conducted the first part of the project – “A lesson of safe and useful Internet”.

Georgy Koldyn, singer, TV anchorman and certified teacher, explained Internet rules to the children. He acquainted the students with basic concepts of the Internet and explained how should students behave in typical and ordinary-looking situations.

“Research shows that children start using the Internet at the age of 9-10, with every second kid using Internet every day. Unfortunately, most children use Internet without any control from the adults. MTS has launched a large project and will carry out similar lessons aimed at grade schoolers in many Belarusian schools. This will improve Internet-literacy of the young generation” – MTS’ leading public communications specialist Tatiana Kyrbat said.

During the lesson children were taught that they shouldn’t talk to strangers on the Internet, give them personal information or pay attention to their proposals. They also were taught that computers and cellphones should be protected by antivirus programs and that they should tell their parents about all suspicious situations.

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