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Beltelecom will have 2mln internet services subscribers by September 2012

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


On June 27, 2012, Sergei Popkov Beltelecom Director General said, that national telecommunications operator Beltelecom will soon have more than 1.4 million broadband subscribers .УBy 1 September of this year, I think Beltelecom will have about 2 million internet access subscribers that is Byfly broadband and interactive television ", - said Sergei Popkov.

By the end of September 2011 Beltelecom had 1 mln subscribers. Beltelecom outer channel capacity totals 220 Gbit / s: 80 Gbit / s - to Europe and 140 Gbit / s to Russia. Beltelecom is planning to launch commercial digital terrestrial TV broadcasting by the middle of 2013.

That will give subscribers the opportunity to receive TV channels, similar to those that are available to subscribers of IP-TV national telecom operator.

According to Popkov, Beltelecom is going to announce tender for delivery of the head-end equipment to enlarge the number of availablec hannels. Currently, 55 TV channels are available to Beltelecom subscribers, whereas in future they will be able to take up to 75 channels. There are also plans to provide access to HD and 3D-channels.

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