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Beltelecom remains a state owned company

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


There are no plans to make Beltelecom a joint-stock company, said Beltelecom general director of Sergei Popkov.

Alexander Lukashenko has announced earlier that there are no plans of privatizing Beltelecom. "Don't be nervous. They asked me to sell Beltelecom many times. If you do not make an effort, we will sell it, and if you modernize it, work hard and compete, you will remain state owned"

Lukashenko added that "Beltelecom" should remain a sate owned company in order the government could understand major developments in the sphere . If we hand Beltelecom over to a private person, the state won't be able to control tese developments, he said.

For the last five years national telecommunications operator "Beltelecom" invested around 2,5 trillion roubles into development of fiber-optic lines, modernisation of fixed phone network, data transfer networks and other equipment.

The company managed to bring total share of income from data transfer services from 5,3% in 2006 to 21,6% in 2010 By the end of 2010, the company had 750 thousand subscribers for broadband internet access byfly (350 thousands more compared to the beginning of the year). Beltelecom has launched the first digital interactive television ZALA with 220 thousand subscribers (160 thousand increase in 2010).

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