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Belarusian Mobile Operators in 2010

Author: Alexander Sokolov


Even though Life:) operator managed to increase income significantly, it still remains unprofitable. Company's last year income was USD 48,9 million, while EBITDA index constituted USD -32,564 million. Userbase grew from 1,2 million in 2009 to 1,5 million in 2010. However, in 2010 the company significantly increased capital costs for up to USD 120 million against USD 87,9 million in 2009.

Turkcell company payed last USD 100 million to Belarus in December 31st, 2010, as was agreed (first payment of USD 300 million was made 30 days after the sale, then USD 100 million no later than December 31st 2009, and USD 100 million no later than December 31st 2010), however, the year "BeST" makes its first net profit, Turkcell will have to pay USD 100 million more. According to the report, the payment will be made in the first quarter of 2016, meaning Life:) will become profitable in 2015.

As per 2010's fourth quarter results, Belarusian Velcom userbase grew to 4,354 million. Quarterly growth was 130 thousand users. In spite of this, operator's market share decreased from last year's 42,7% to 41,9%, while cell communications penetration (counted by the SIM card amount) increased by more than 10% - to 109,6% (99,4% at 2009's end). Income of the operator grew to EUR 90,5 million (74,8 million in 4th quarter of 2009) - by 21% - in the fourth quarter, but EBITDA income decreased by 5,1% to EUR 36,4 million.

Average revenue per user per month (ARPU) of the company increased to EUR 6,2 in the fourth quarter of 2010 against EUR 5,5 in the fourth quarter of 2009, however, in the third quarter of 2010 company's APRU was EUR 6,7.

The number of broadband mobile access users (3G packtets of over 250MB) grew to 143 532 users against 86 222 users in the third quarter of the last year.

Belarusian MTS userbase grew to 4,74 million users - 20 000 (0,3%) more than in last year's December. Yearly growth of Belarusian MTS userbase constitutes 4%: in 2010's January the operator was providing services for 4,55 million users.

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