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A unified portal of govenment e-services launched in Belarus

Author: Alexander Sokolov


Portal.gov.by is functioning as a unified Belarusian portal of naional e-services. However, regisraion for some of the services is closed.

The portal is expected to become a single "point of entrance" used to receive a line of governmenal services and information from national databases.

Belarusian citizens and organizations will receive access to a unified state register of legal persons and enterpreneurs (Ministry of Justice), unified state register of real estate, real estate rights and real estate businesses (State Real Estate Committe), "Passport" system (Ministry of Internal Affairs), state register of taxpayers and other liable persons (Ministry of Taxes and Duties) and higher education documentation (Ministry of Education).

Not only that, but the portal offers access to an intergrated informational resource on property, rights on which are limited by mortgages, talented youth database (Ministry of Culture), gifted youth database (Ministry of Education), SCRB 006-2009 professional code and designation, tariff range reference book and other databases.

As for now, Belarusian state bodies and organizaions provide users with a line of e-services. Information about them is gathered in a special register.

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