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gemiusAudience - the official online audience measurement in Belarus

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Gemius SA recently won a contest for analysis of the Belarusian internet audience organized by the main industry players in the country. The company will provide state-of-the-art gemiusAudience research data with a complex overview of the online market, the results of which will increase the credibility of the internet as a valuable medium for advertising activities.

The main advantage of the implementation of gemiusAudience measurement in Belarus by the winner of the contest derives from the use of the Real User metric, rather than calculating website traffic solely on Cookie data. Gemius's unique know-how enables the company to recalculate Reach and Frequency data for Real Users on a monthly basis and to provide those results for online media planners and strategists in a dedicated tool, gemiusExplorer. At the same time, Key Performance Indicators are available free of charge on a dedicated Gemius website http://www.audience.by/ where one can follow current trends on the Belarusian internet. gemiusAudience study provides the opportunity to compare internet audiences with any other media and to include the internet in the media mix. Using gemiusAudience data, the advertiser or its agency are able to find the optimum combination of websites where the target group of the campaign is most active and engaged. The group of market players taking part in the measurement project, comprises, apart from the main Belarusian online entities, Russian websites who participate in the study through their Belarusian sites.

gemiusAudience research, in fact, has been present on the Belarusian market since the beginning of 2009, utilising the Cookie Panel approach. The reach of the study already covers 49% of all Belarusian internet users, while the size of the online panel is approximately 16 000 cookie panellists. Gemius's winning of this contest will enable the company to significantly develop the project and is a milestone in introducing the measurement as the standard market currency, accepted by all key publishers and agencies.

The methodological solution offered by Gemius in the contest for analysis of the Belarusian internet audience is a hybrid measurement system. It is a mix of the site-centric approach (via tags implemented by the websites), user-centric panels (two of them, integrated into the so-called Fused Panel) and modelling of the results to a 3rd party structural study. In 2002, Gemius was the first company in the world to successfully implement hybrid measurement in online audience research. Since then, Gemius has consistently improved the quality of its data, with the aim of providing the most credible results to satisfy the requirements of all 18 markets in which gemiusAudience research is conducted.

The above mentioned contest is the first time in the history of the internet industry in Belarus that all main publishers and agencies have worked together in order to build the market currency for online media analysis and planning. The winner of the contest, Gemius SA, is already providing the gemiusAudience data for other Central and Eastern European markets, as well as for Scandinavia and the Middle East. The Belarusian market appreciated the company's experience in the region, its trustworthy methodology and the advanced tools which are used for data presentation. We are proud to be chosen as the online research provider in Belarus. The country is an excellent example of an emerging market that is able to follow the international trends in online business. The internet advertising industry in the country is growing and Gemius has been part of this process by supporting the market with regionally comparable and complex data for over 1.5 years. We are happy that the delivered quality of our services was appreciated by the official decision of the main market players. - comments Marta Klepka, International Sales and Marketing Director at Gemius.

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