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Nikolai Pantelei "Total informatisation is our goal"

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


An article called "Total informatisation is our goal" by the minister of communications and informatisation of Belarus Nicolai Pantelei was published in the "Belarussian "Economics" magazine (#2 for 2010).

The article highlights the following issues.

From 2010, approaches to electronic communications development are changed. Most promising direction of next-generation networks development is introduction of IMS platform (IP Multimedia Subsystem). In 2011-2015 Ministry of Communications plans to complete the transfer to multiservice electronic communications network; provide development of broadband access services and accessory data transfer services with increase of stationary broadband access ports by 2,8 times (up to 3,0 million ports); carry out modernization and development of data transfer networks with transfer to Ethernet technology to provide passing of telecommunications traffic and leading fiber-optics communication lines directly to the consumer (which will make possible the increase of speed potential to 100Mbit/second); introduce fourth generation mobile

Cell phone electronic communications system which will cover Minsk and regional centers; provide development of data transfer services using wireless broadband access WiMAX, WCDMA, LTE technologies to increase wireless Internet access users to 5,0 million.

To provide access to modern electro communication services to rural population, allow operators who provide mobile phone electro communications to use digital streams, fiber-optics communications lines are being built in countryside. In 2009, they were connected to 415 rural settlements, and 469 more should get connection in 2010. In every settlement to which fiber-optics communication lines are constructed network access hubs for data transfer are being installed to provide modern services (broadband access to Internet, IP-television). In the nearest 3 years all rural settlements are planned to get connected to fiber-optics communication lines, where electronic communications network access hubs will be installed.

This year, the number of byfly subscribers is to grow to 1 million 140 thousand users, and the number of ZALA subscribers is to grow to 313 thousand users.

This year will also be the year the new telecommunications solution will be implemented - WiMAX wireless data transfer network access. A point coverage of perspective districts of Minsk and regional centers is planned. First network of 22 base stations is already working in the capital.

Works on putting into operation experimental zone of GEPON (Gigabit EthernetPassive Optical Network) technology testing are already in progress, based on the Minsk branch of Beltelecom.

To develop informatisation processes in our country a State program of informatisation "Electronic Belarus" for 2003-2005 and in perspective for up to 2010 is being carried out. It was developed by specialists from National academy of sciences, is intersectoral and is based on main concepts of state politic concerning informatisation. From 108 projects included in the program 81 were completed. 27 projects are scheduled for completion in 2010.

On the first stage (in 2003-2007) the program was aimed at creation of informational systems and technologies in state organs. Over 20 informational systems were created, including those assigned for the Administration of President of the Republic of Belarus, National gathering, Council of Ministers, Committee of state control, ministries and departments, organs of local administration.

On the final stage (starting from 2008), integration of informational resources having national significance into a single informational system based on unified rules and protocols, as well as creation of interdepartmental and territory-based informational systems are prioretized.

Most significant developments completed in the final stage:

1. National automatic informational system (NAIS) that increases government efficiency.

As a result of project's finishing based on "Beltelecom", a technical infrastructure founded on a secure virtual data transfer network that unites system servers and technical assets of base informational resources owners. Adapters and internet-portal for government informational resources access, a subsystem of national classifiers of Belarus were developed.

A list of informational services for access by national and local authorities was developed and approved by the Ministry of Communications to create a system of providing informational services via NAIS.

2.Corporate library network as a part of National library of Belarus, as well as other national and regional libraries and informational centers.

The network provides access to libraries' informational resources to a wide scope of users, including those from rural areas.

National database for informational exchange between government bodies and other state organizations to further optimize work with citizens' applications concerning certificates and other documents based on the "one window" principle, a single system monitoring the execution of administrative procedures by various departments were implemented.

4. An automatic data-analytical system of medical directions based on the electronic patient's history and telemedicine system of unified electronic consulting

A unified data-analytical environment for gathering, processing, observing, diagnosing and exchanging medical information on-line was developed.

In 2009 a project to "Develop a technology and software and hardware means and create a national telemedicine system of unified e-consulting (NS TEC) was completed. A branch of consulting network concerning problems of thyroid gland tumor which connects Republic's center of thyroid gland tumors in Minsk and Republic's theoretical and practical center of radiation medicine and human ecology in Gomel. The infrastructure created is used to carry out consultations between to centers for joint patient selection for the thyroid gland malignant pathology to direct them to further observation and treatment. At the present moment hundreds of consultations were carried out.

5. Automatc data gathering system from tax agents concerning tax payers' incomes. As a result of the project's completion, a national database on physical persons' - country's citizens - tax collection.

State committee on property of the Republic of Belarus with consulting support from the National land services of Sweden completed works on creation and introduction of State land cadastre and Unified state registry of real property, rights on it and deals concerning it.

Realization of the project of the creation of an automatized system of border control on all Belarusian border passing points allowed for a significant increase in speed and simplicity of the document execution by our country's citizens crossing the border.

Results received in the process of program implementation required new approach to state regulations of works carried out in the informatisation sphere, including improvements of corresponding legal base. With active participation from government, public and international organizations in the informational technologies for the last two years new laws were developed and approved, "On information, informatisation and information security" and "On e-document and e-digital signature".

Main results of the "E-Belarus" finished projects are development and introduction of new services (including e-health, e-procurement, e-government)

Information society strategy. Recently Ministry of communications and national Academy if Science have developed strategy for information society development for 2010-2015. According to the strategy the priorities are information and telecommunication infrastructure , e-government, IT industry, e-economy, e-health, e-employment and social needs, e-learning and human capital development, national online content, ICT security and digital trust.

During the running year, it is planned to concentrate on e-services. According to the Belarusian government strategic vision, ICT sector will make 10 % of GNP and will become a leading sector in country's economy.

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