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Belarus Mobile Users, April 01, 2010 Belarus Mobile Users, April 01, 2010

9,9 million mobile phones subscribers in Belarus

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


The number of Belarusian mobile communication users had grown to 9,9 million, Belarusian Minister of Communications and Informatisation announced lately.

"During the first half of the year cellular mobile telecom operator base increased by 241 thousand users, their total amount reaching 9,9 million", - he noted. This means the growth by 2,5 % compared o the beginnin of the year.

It has also been noted that total amount of users and subscribers of broadband Internet access increased by 318,6 thousand users, IPTV - by 73,8 thousand, for a total of 141,3 thousand. In the first half of the year, increase in basic phone apparatus was 77,5 thousand.

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