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Belarus is one of the countries with highest revenue per person from offshore programming

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Belarus has one of the highest revenues per person from IT services export.

By Forbes' data, revenue from exporting IT-service in Belarus was USD 35 per person, while in India it was USD 40, in Russia - around USD 18, in China - USD 16, in Ukraine - USD 12.

Half of the "brain centers" of the biggest Eastern Europe software developers are situated in Belarus.

Belarus shows fast growth of software and other IT-services exports. In 2008, Belarusian offshore IT sectore provided for services for over USD 350 millions. By Market-Visio Consulting/Gartner's data, volume of IT-services exports in 2006 was USD 200 million, in 2007 it increased by 25% to 250 million. By company's 2007 forecasts, the volume of exports will increase dramatically, but it's share in total exports will be low - around 4%.

By experts' data, Belarusian outsorcers mainly work on orders concerning developement, adaptation and introduction of Back Office applications (automatisation of business processes, ERP), Front Office (CRM and SCM), as well as provide a range of services in engineering, IT-consulting, coding and beta-testing.

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