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There are over 3,1 million Internet users in Belarus

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


As first deputy minister of communications and informatisation Ivan Rak announced on April 22, there are over 3,1 million Internet users in Belarus.

This information was prepared by Belstat, where information about Belarusian Internet providers is accumulated. There are around 180 telecommunication operators that provide Internet access at the moment.

There around 470 thousands broadband Internet access users in Belarus. Most of them use Beltelecom's ByFly brand services. National telecommunications operator currently provides these services for 250 thousands users.

Ivan Rak also announced that Ministry of Communications in conjunction with National Science Academy created a conceptual document called "strategy of the developement of Republic of Belarus' informational society for up to 2015". It establishes main goals, principles and priority directions of informational society's developement. Developement of infrastructure that provides for growing informational needs of citizens, business and state is stated to be one of the most important goals.

Deputy general director of the United Institute of Infomatics' problems Vladimir Anischenko said that increase in broadband access ports from 1,4 million to 4 million and mobile Internet access from 1,6 million to 7,2 million in 2015 is expected as a result of implementing the developement strategy.

An increase in legal persons using digital signature from 10-15% to 40% is also expected. All educational institutions must have broadband Internet connections to 2015.

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