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Belarus in ITU Statistics for 2007

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


ITU (International Telecommunication Union) published some new statistical data for the year of 2007 about Belarus.

Internet Users (1999-2007)
Internet Users (1999-2007)

ICT Statistics 2007:

Population 9'688'796
GDP (U$) 44'773'354
Fixed telephone lines per 100 inhab. 37.90
Mobile cellular subscribers per 100 inhab. (2006) 61.44
Computers per 100 inhab. (2005) 0.81
Internet users per 100 inhab. 61.93
Broadband Internet subscribers per 100 inhab. (2006) 0.12
International Internet bandwidth (Mbps) 2'560
Radio sets per 100 inhab. (2004) 33.64
TV sets per 100 inhab. (2003) 38.61
% population covered by mobile signal (2006) 92.50

Level of Competition 2007:

Local servicesFull competition
Domestic fixed long distMonopoly
Inter-national fixed long distMonopoly
Wireless local loopPartial competition
DataFull competition
DSLFull competition
Cable modemFull competition
VSATPartial competition
Leased linesMonopoly
Fixed Wireless Broad-bandPartial competition
MobileFull competition
Cable TVFull competition
Fixed satMonopoly
Mobile satMonopoly
IMT 2000N/A
Internet servicesFull competition
Inter-national gatewaysMonopoly

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