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The cost of online advertising in Belarus by the year 2010 could increase to 10 million USD

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


In 2007, the total expenditure on advertising in Belarus amounted to 87.1 million USD Hepta Group experts forecast that in 2008, total expenditure will increase by 32.1% (115.1 million USD). From 2008 to 2010, the annual growth rate of advertising costs is prognosed to be26.5%. It is anticipated that the total expenditure on advertising in 2010 will become 175.8 million USD.

In Belarus in 2008, approximately 65.2% of advertising expenditure share will belong to the TV (75 million USD), which exceed those of 2007, by 4.4%. Approximately 15.0% of advertising expenditure will belong to the print media (17.3 million USD). The share of outdoor advertising is prognosed to be 12.0% (or 13.8 million USD in monetary terms). The cost of Internet advertising will be at the level of 5 million USD, and their share is 4.3% of the total. The share of advertising costs attributable to the radio will account for 3.5%, or 4.0 million USD.

The cost of online advertising in Belarus in 2007 has increased by 150% and will grow by more than 60% in the next two years for the total of 10 million USD by 2010. The fastest growing branch of advertising is contextual advertising. In 2007, they accounted for 0.2 million USD, and in 2010, they will grow to 3 million USD.

State regulation of the media hinders the development of the press and radio, making the Internet more attractive. It is expected that Internet advertising will exceed the cost of radio advertising so far this year. It is anticipated that by 2010 online advertising will account for 6% of all ad spending.

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