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Belarusian mass-media in 2007

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


As of August 2007, there are 1244 registered periodicals in Belarus: 703 newspapers, 503 magazines, 34 bulletins, 3 catalogues, 1 almanac. Almost two thirds of all registered periodicals are non-governmental. The periodicals include publications in Belarusian, Russian, German, English, Ukrainian, Polish, and other European languages. In addition to that , 9 news agencies, 59 TV programs, 156 radio programs are functioning in the country.

Soviet Belarus newspaper has the biggest circulation of 500.7 thousand. It is followed by (34.2 thousand), ( 49.4 thousand) Belaruskaya Niva (25 thousand), Narodnaya Gazeta (30 thousand), 7 dnei (37.1 thousand), Znamya Junosti (25.7 thousand).

The total circulation of 136 newspapers state-owned newspapers is 869.4 thousand, including: 163.1 thousand in Brest oblast, 175.3 - in Vitebsk oblast, 141.1 - in Gomel oblast, 108.7 in Grodno oblast, 160 - in Minsk, and 121.2 - in Mogilev.

According to Belarusian Association of Journalists there are only 30 independent periodicals in Belarus covering social and political issues .

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