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Beltelecom provides Internet access to 16 village schools

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Beltelecom joined an "Information-communication technologies for developing for nuclear contaminated areas" (ICT) project co-realised by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, by Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and by the state Svyazinformservice company.

In the framework of the project pupils of 16 village schools in Mogilev and Gomel oblasts can now use Beltelecom broadband Internet access service - ByFly. The project is supposed to provide Internet access to 8 more schools in Belarusian part of "Chernobyl region".

Internet access is provided by Beltelecom on special terms within the framework of "School Standard" or "School Econom" ByFly tariffs and "School" tariff plan (dial-up Internet access).

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