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Ministry of Communications and Informatisation initiated discussion of the Regulations on telecommunications services licensing

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Ministry of Communications and Informatisation made public a revised version of the Regulations on telecommunications services licensing which is to be approved Buelarusian Council of Ministers.

The Draft Regualtions appeared at the Ministry's web site accompanied with the call to public discussion of the draft on July 23, 2007. The discussion will continue till t August 1 , 2007.

The regulation retains licensing of the

  • radio-frequencies channels usage;
  • data communications networks;
  • automatic phone stations of the institutions;
  • telecommunications networks and buildings;
  • cable and on-air TV broadcasting;
  • telemetry networks;
  • satellite stationary and mobile telecommunications networks;
  • radio-frequencies data communications networks;
  • telephone communications services;
  • communications channels rent services;
  • TV programs broadcasting through cable TV systems services.
Activity in the sphere of telecommunications that is connected to radiofrequencies usage is given Security Council State Commission on Radiofrequencies is appointed as a major licencing body.

Licensing is not required for:

  • telecommunications networks not connected to telecommunication networks of general usage (networks using radiofrequencies );
  • cable TV networks with no more than 10 users;
  • exploitation of administrative automatic telephone stations;
  • exploitation of technological data communications networks that are situated in a single building;
  • usage of radio-electronic facilities of radiofrequencies apportioned by the State Commission of for personal use (amateur radio and etc.).
Present licensing conditions limit development of telecommunications networks, and for access points using Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) spectrum which contradicts international practices in the given field, and create serious barriers for wireless networks extension. The new licensing rules also limit home computer networks development.

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