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Belarusian Ministry of Communications and Informatization extends telecommunications networks in rural areas

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Ministry of Communications and Informatization of The Republic of Belarus is planning to invest Br68,2 bln (24,8MEUR) into rural telecommunications infrastructure in 2006. In 2005, investments into rural telecommunications infrastructure totaled Br77 bln (28MEUR).

Speaking at a press conference held on September 5, 2006, Belarusian Deputy Minister of Communications and Informatization Vladimir Tesliuk, said that Br67,4 bln (24,5MEUR) has been invested into telecommunications infrastructure development in January - July 2006. Mr. Tesliuk stressed that state budget allocations totaled Br17,34 bln (6,3MEUR), while Br47,64 bln (17,34MEUR) were invested by enterprises and companies.

Belarusian major telecommunications operator, state owned monopoly Beltelecom, has invested Br39,9 bln (14,5MEUR) into rural infrastructure development, including Br10,8 bln (3,93MEUR) allocated for fixed telephone network extension.

During the same period mobile communications operator Velcom has invested Br25,5 bln (9,28MEUR) into the extension of its network in rural regions.

Within the framework of the State programme of rural regions development for 2006-2010 it is planned to put into operation more than 30 thousand of fixed telephone numbers and to achieve the point of 25,8 numbers per 100 inhabitants. In rural areas, the percentage of mobile and fixed telephone users should total 93 %.

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