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Belarusian presidents signs the Law on telecommunications

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


On August 2, 2005, President Lukashenko signed amended Law on telecommunications.

The Law sets new framework for telecommunications regulations in order to increase effectiveness of telecommunications networks functioning and development. In particular the new Law introduces centralized state control of radiofrequencies spectrum and numbering, as well as fees for use of radiofrequencies.

According to experts assessments that will allow to effectively distribute radiofrequencies spectrum. At present 40,2 percent of radiofrequencies which fall within the range of 9 kHz - 10 GHz are possessed by military agencies. 57,05 percent are operated by military and civil agencies, among which 19 percent are used by civil agencies solely.

It is expected that the new legislative framework will stimulate redistribution of frequencies.

There are provisions in the new Law which guarantee confidentiality of telephone talks and other messages. The Law stipulates rights and responsibilities of investigating agencies in the field of telecommunications.

The Law will join into force in ten days after it is officially published.

Now Belarus has two laws - on postal services and on telecommunications - instead of one Law on communications, which was in force since 1995. This legislation improvement has been carried out in the framework of Belarus preparations for joining WTO.

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