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Belarusian President on the mobile services market prospects

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


On April 7, A. Lukashenko, the President of Belarus, conducted discussion on the mobile services market prospects in the country.

The President has emphasised that the main indicators of mobile operators competitively are low prices and quality. Lukashenko promised governmental support and the most favorable conditions for the third Belarusian mobile GSM operator, which is the BeST company, as it is supposed to be socially focused enterprise. Lukashenko hopes that the third operator and "will bring down" the prices, and, as state owned enterprise, will make mobile services accessible for the poorest fraction of the country's population.

The BeST company will be functioning under the supervision of the State military-industrial committee. Nikolai Azamatov, the Committees chairman,, is to take personal control over all the issues of BeST functioning and management.

Alexander Lukashenko has expressed his firm conviction that the state should take control over mobile services market: "It is necessary to understand precisely, that the two operators - Velcom and "MTS" - are the joint-stock companies and control share in both belongs to the state. The third is a state -owned BeST. We should operate them, carrying out personnel selection, budget monitoring, modernization, purchases and development. What for? Very simply. First of all - huge financial sources and the perspective market. Second, it is the safety of the state. Any state carries out the control over this sector of economy ".

Alexander Lukashenko wants the officials to explain, why in spite of the state control MTS and Velcom boards has not renominated their heads in spite of the Presidents requirements stated before. The president also reminded that according to the state programme of domestic producers protection all the three operators should refuse "any unreasonable equipment purchase outside the country".

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