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Belarusian government is planning to liberalize communication services market after 2007

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Belarusian governmnet is going to launch the process of communication services market liberalization in 2007. These plans were announced by Minister of Communications and informatization Vladimir Goncharenko in his speech at Tibo'2005 - International congress on information technologies - held in Minsk.

The decision was taken in order to adjust Belarusian laws to international standrads and through that to provide preconditions for Belarus' integration into global economy.

And the first step in this direction, according to Mr. Goncharenko , is developing of a new version of the state Law on telecommunications which is are to be prepared and presented to the Parliament in the year of 2005.

But, as the Minister has stressed, in spite of liberalization efforts, providing affordable communication services for the poorest fractions of country's population remains a priority for the governmnet.

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