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Belarusian Government has now 50% of BelCel

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Ivan Rak, Belarusian deputy minister of Communications and Informatization has announce recently that Beltelecom, a state owned telco, increased its BelCel share from 33% up to 50%.

According to Rak, this decision was made at BelCel shareholders' meeting when Infobank (Trustbank) (one of major BelCel shareholders) withdrawal had been announced. Infobank (Trustbank) share was divided among Beltelecom and Comstruct International (the Netherlands). Comstruct International and Beltelecom have now 50% BelCel share each.

Infobank (Trustbank) will get "a compensation", which will include Infobank's gaining in BelCel for two years. In addition BelCel will repay credits given to Infobank (Trustbank) by other banks in order to invest into BelCel development.

Before, in the end of 2004, Belarusian government took a decision to increase the share in BelCel. Before 2002 Comstruct International and Beltelecom had 50% of Beltelecom each. In August 2002 Comstruct International sold 1% of its share to Infobank. Thanks to Infobank (Trustbank) and Comstruct International investments the statuary fund of BelCel increased, while Infobank acquired 17% of BelCel shares and state owned telco share decreased to 33%.

BelCel is the first analogues standard mobile operator in Belarus. Since 1993 the company has been providing NMT-450 services and since 2003 - IMT-MC-450 (cdma2000) services. Belcel has 100 000 subscribers (cdma2000) and 3 thousand NMT services subscribers.

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