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Business Network is planning to develop its infrastructure in 2005

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Belarusian Internet-operator Business Network is planning to build a Data Center of 1 terabyte capacity. The cost of the project totals USD 0,5 mln. The Data Center will consist of 8 connected servers. Sergei Poblaguev, Business Network general director, says that company's major priorities are development of Belarusian part of the internet and infrastructure development.

In 2004 Business Network internet channel capacity increased from 12 to 35 Mbit/s. That became possible thanks to intensive investments of USD 0,5 mln.

Sergey Poblaguev described the situation on the dial up internet access market and noted its growth in 2003 - 2004 from USD 17mln. to USD 24mln.

The same situation, according to Poblaguev, has been formed with the peering traffic. Thus in the beginning of 2004 Business Network peering traffic consumption totalled 1 Mbit/s and in the end of 2004 - 5Mbit/s.

Sergey Poblaguev said that fast development of xDSL-technologies had become a specific feature for Belarusian internet in 2004. During the year of 2004 the number of DSL connections in Minsk tripled.

Belarusian-British joint stock company, providing internet access services and corporate network building, was founded by Beltelecom, Beltechexport and Kenwood Corporation Ltd in 1998. At present some 30% of corporate clients in the country use Business Network services.

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