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EPAM Systems listed in the top 500 world software companies

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Belarusian EPAM Systems software company holds 355 position in the Software Magazine top 500 world software companies for the year of 2004. EPAM Systems is one of the 140 companies listed in Software Magazine top 500 for the first time.

EPAM Systems corporate revenue totaled USD 16.1 mln. in 2003, showing the growth of 43% as compared to the year of 2002. The stuff of the company for the same period has increased by 70%. Now there are 1000 employees at EPAM Systems.

EPAM Systems Arkadi Dobkin says: "We that the team of gifted people, effective human resources management and investments into personnel training, and high production quality standards are major sources of our success. We have always aimed at leadership, pushed aside all obstacles and we have constantly been engaged into the innovating process".

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